Online Webinars

These videos are recordings of webinars offered online by CEM. As available, additional power points or handouts are listed.

Child Safety and Protection

Vital information on the key steps every church should have in place and active to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for their children, youth and families.
Staff and volunteers will be made aware of measures they can enact to protect their ministries and feel confident in handling any issues that may arise.
Our goal is that every leader should be clearly informed, pro-actively involved, and prepared for action as advocates of our families, our ministry staff and our community.
Presenter: Judi Hodges, CEM Training Coordinator

aired January 17, 2017

Building A Vibrant Children's Ministry

Presenter: Ms. Margaret Kiser

aired February 7, 2017

Volunteer Ministry: When Serving Tastes Sweet as Honey

Presented by Judi Hodges

aired February 9, 2017

Planning a Successful VBS

Presenter Mrs. B. A. Snider

aired February 16, 2017

Choosing Curriculum

Presenter Judi Hodges

aired July 3, 2013

"Following through on the follow up!"

This online webinar reviews some of the things you may want to consider after you have had a season of ministry ... such as a busy summer or a successful school year program.

aired in August of 2013,

presented by Judi Hodges