Financial Matters

Christian Education Ministries, in response to a request by the ARP Board of Stewardship, worked together with the Central Services staff of the ARP to create and offer a series of seminars for treasurers and church leaders.

These sessions address the duties, responsibilities and practical application of handling financial and employee matters. The recorded seminars and the power points used in the seminar are available by clicking the following links.

Brian Such,

Practical Applications:

receiving and recording finances,

banking and statement rconciliation

Roger Wiles, Executive Director of ARP Central Services, pastor, lawyer

sample job descriptions. What the role of the treasurer is & is not;;Not for Profit corporation (state law); Unincorporated association (state law);501c3 (federal law)

Brian Such, Alisa Prince

contributions, recording and reporting

Alisa Prince

payroll, taxes; reporting forms and common church errors

Carolyn Heatherly

a brief summary of benefits; who is eligible; need for timely enrollment in the benefit programs; insurance, retirement programs

Rev. Bob Illman, pastor and lawyer

Presentation in 2015 on the role and responsibilities of the church treasurer

Steve Nichols, ARP Foundation

gift giving; ARP no-cost investment services; fund management; estate gift giving; increasing church giving; financial management as outreach

These seminars were recorded in November of 2016 and are available at no cost to you as part of CEM's commitment to serve you.

Some of the information in these recordings is time sensitive as tax laws, insurance and benefit packages may change. CEM will post updates passed on to us by Central Services. For up to the minute information, contact

Central Services 864-232-8297.