Harrogate, TN

July 2-8, 2017

The 2017 Appalachia Mission will mark the 37th year of God’s grace being spread in the Appalachian Mountains. During this one week mission trip the gospel will be shared with children living in a region where it is often neglected or perverted. Young people will give of themselves creatively and enthusiastically, often sacrificing sleep and comfort for the privilege of having Jesus love children through them, and children will come to know Christ as their Savior. Through this ministry, hundreds of young people have served and thousands of children have received at least a hug in the name of Christ. This year the mission continues.

2017 Speaker


Philip Bunch grew up in Kings Mountain, NC and attended the Boyce Memorial ARP Church. Through a caring church family, Philip came to know God’s goodness at an early age. Despite growing up in the church, however, he did not come to know Christ personally until God called a wonderful youth pastor to the Boyce Church.

Soon after his coming to faith, the Lord placed a call on him to preach the Word. Philip then attended Erskine College and received a B. A. in Music. After receiving his undergrad, he enrolled at Erskine Theological Seminary. The Lord blessed him immensely through those three long years of seminary. Through the loving and faithful ministry of professors, friends, and his church family, God called him to serve as minister of his Gospel.

Philip was called to Rock Hill as an Associate Pastor in September 2012 and is excited to be a part of First ARP Church. It was here that he met his faithful and loving wife, Courtney. They were married in April of 2016 and are thoroughly enjoying God’s gift of marriage!

2017 Worship Leader




  • $25 late fee after May 1
  • Non-Refundable



  • Due After Trip
  • Paid to CEM

4-7 Year Olds


  • Includes Housing, Meals, etc
  • Due to CEM After Trip

8-10 year olds


  • Includes Housing, Meals, etc
  • Due to CEM After Trip